5 Stories to Read While Sharing a Drink


Well, the weather seems to be returning momentarily to tolerable levels, and the weekend is fast approaching with a veritable plethora of new bars and restaurants to check out (Lost Lake, Motor Row Brewing, Formento’s, The Drifter). And events? A ton of those too. We at Bar Native will be doing our damnedest to squeeze everything in. Amid this flurry of activity, we’ve compiled some of the stories and articles we found most interesting this week. From flasks and dive bars to the big Lagunitas/Sierra Nevada brouhaha, if it’s not listed here, it didn’t happen. Or we forgot about it already. One or the other.

1. Some Great Chicago Dive Bars, But Not All of Them

Thrillist originally titled their article The Best Dive Bar in Every Chicago Neighborhood. That was until the Rogers Park contingent (among others) upbraided them for leaving their hood off the list. By the end of the day, the article was retitled, but still a pretty great list of dive bars. And for the record, Bar Native reader Dennis F. offers up Oasis as the Rogers Park dive bar of choice.

From Thrillist:
The Best Dive Bar in 31 Chicago Neighborhoods


2. The Holidays May Be Over, But We Accept Gifts Year-Round!

When I started reading this article from Food & Wine, I said to myself, “You don’t really need ANOTHER flask.” Turns out I was wrong. I need several of the ones on here…ok, most of them.

From Food & Wine:
15 of the Most Effective, Stylish and Discreet Flasks You’ll Ever Need.


3. The Lagunitas/Sierra Nevada Dust-up

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this week—a really, really sound-cancelling rock—then you’ve heard about the Laguintas/Sierra Nevada IPA branding lawsuit. Thankfully, it got resolved before any more bad blood was spilled, but it definitely was the topic of the week. Here are a few links in case somehow you missed it.

From All About Beer:
Lagunitas Sues Sierra Nevada for Trademark Infringement.
Lagunitas to Drop Lawsuit Against Sierra Nevada.


4. Beers with a Twist

As the passion for creating new flavors, and using new ingredients in beer continues, some brewers are attempting to make beers that resemble cocktails. Is this a trend ready to explode? Draft Magazine choose ten of their favorites.

From Draft Magazine:
10 Beers That Taste Like Cocktails.


5. Hot Wine Trends

Don’t let people think you’re still so 2014. Impress your friends and infuriate your enemies by knowing what’s new and exciting with the noble grape. Chicagoist talks to several wine experts in Chicago, and they predict where the wine world is headed this year.

From Chicagoist:
Top Somms Predict the Hot Wine Trends of 2015.


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