5 Stories to Read Before You Start Your Holiday Shopping


As we wind down 2014, the traditional Compiling of Lists erupts in full force all over the internet. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite ones along with some other stories to read while trimming your tree, decking your halls or putting up your Festivus pole. Read on!

Best New Beers

Here’s a list that you can take with you to a trip to your favorite liquor store (as I did last night). Paste Magazine’s 20 Best New Beers of 2014 will let you know what you might have missed this year.

Best New Chicago Bars

A really good list from Chicagoist. These are their 18 Best New Bars of 2014. Some nice surprises in there (The Barrel) as well as some you’d probably expect. All are worth checking out.

Underrated Bars

Everyone loves an underdog, right? I wouldn’t necessarily call all these bars underrated, they’re all pretty kick-ass in my opinion. But just in case you missed one of these bars, here’s a good reason to give them another look. From First We Feast: The Most Underrated Bars in Chicago.

Drinking and Running Really Fast

Coming soon to Espn 8 (the Ocho)! Apparently there are some people who think that the combination of drinking beer and running are a great idea. DrinkNation.com reports on the Beer Mile World ChampionshipsThis will not be making my New Year’s Resolution list.

Throw back. WAY back.

Get rid of the outdated notion that our forefathers were a old, boring, musty bunch. These guys were all about their dranky-drank. Dig out that tri-cornered hat you still have from Disney World’s Liberty Square gift shop and mix up Punch’s recipes for 5 Colonial-Era Drinks for the Modern American.


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