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In mid-May a report was released showing that in 2013, the U.S. became the world’s number one wine consumer. This was the first time that France was bumped from the top spot. Per capita, France is still about 6 times ahead of us—we still have some catching up to do—but it’s clear evidence of our nation’s increasing love affair with wine.

There is never a bad time to drink wine, but somehow, drinking wine when the weather gets warm feels perfect. Maybe it’s the taste of all the refreshing summer wines, or maybe it’s the Parisian feeling of  sharing a bottle at a sidewalk patio table on a warm day. Whatever the reason, our national tastes have been turning to wine.

With that in mind, Bar Native has compiled a comprehensive guide of Chicago’s steepest wine discounts, wine at half price! Every night of the week, there is a local bar or restaurant serving wine, by the bottle or glass, that will cost you 50% less. That’s pretty difficult to pass up. So keep our guide close by, and start putting more money back in your wallet…or use that extra money and buy a second bottle or glass. The choice is yours!

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    1. John

      Thanks so much! I confirmed with Cafe SelMarie – 1/2 price bottles on Tuesday AND Wednesday, and updated our site. Thanks again!


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