Top 12 Chicago Area Bars with 50+ Beers on Tap


Chicago, like most of the Midwest, is a beer-drinking town. And things don’t change as you branch out into the burbs. On any night of the week, in any given neighborhood, you’ll find bars filled with people happily sipping their brews. And with the huge surge in craft brewing, every day brings more and more choices for the beer drinker. The only problem is finding a bar with a large enough selection where you can discover and enjoy these brews.

Bar Native thinks beer tastes best straight from the tap, so we’ve compiled a list of the top Chicago area bars with 50 or more beers on draft:

Howells & Hood

435 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago
114 Beers on tap
Bar Native Pick: Revolution Deth’s Tar Imperial Stout
The Big Daddy (or Big Mama) of the Tap Handle, Howells & Hood lays claim to the largest draft selection in Chicago, and we found no evidence to dispute that. It’s the only bar with over 100 draft selections. And still, some people are ordering Bud Lights (sigh).

Old Town Pour House (Chicago)

1419 N. Wells St., Chicago
90 Beers on tap
BN Pick: La Trappe Quadrupel
From Bottleneck, the same management company Bottleneck as Howells, the Old Town Pour House located, of course, in Old Town, is a large, vibrant bar that has a stunning amount of draft beers to choose from.

Old Town Pour House (Oak Brook)

8 Oak Brook Center, Oak Brook
89 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Ommegang Three Philosophers
You can see that the folks at Bottleneck believe in choice, as this is their third entry on our list. This Old Town Pour House located, of course, in…um…Oak Brook, holds the distinction for the most draft beers in the suburbs. When shopping at nearby Oak Brook mall starts wearing you down, this is Bar Native’s suggested remedy.

Bulldog Ale House

394 Irving Park Rd., Roselle
72 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Solemn Oath Kidnapped By Vikings
A little further west in the burbs, Bulldog Ale House has 72 selections. To make things even more enticing, you can get them for as little as $3 each on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and $2 on Thursdays.

Blackfinn Ameripub

65 W. Kinzie St., Chicago
68 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Small Town Brewery Not Your Father’s Root Beer
Opened last September in “bustling River North”—I should have copyrighted that phrase—Blackfinn is a relative newcomer to Chicago, and puts its best foot forward with 68 drafts.

First Draft

649 S. Clark St., Chicago
64 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Three Floyds Zombie Dust
First Draft is the newest bar on our list, because…well it hasn’t actually opened yet. So start standing in line now and sometime around April 20th, the doors will open on this South Loop bar and you’ll find yourself facing down 64 tap choices.


5148 N. Clark St., Chicago
60 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Solemn Oath Butterfly Flashmob
A perennial contender on every “Best Beer Whatever” list you see, Hopleaf has been consistently great from Day 1.

The Beer House

322 Yorktown Center, Lombard
60 Beers on tap
BN Pick: One Trick Pony Major
Ok, so your significant other has just shopped for hours at Oak Brook while you’ve been at Old Town Pour House (Oak Brook) and now he/she wants to continue shopping at nearby Yorktown mall? No problemo. While away the hours at Beer House, just steps away from the stores.

World of Beer (Evanston)

1601 Sherman Ave., Evanston
50 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Destihl Wild Sour Series Gose
You’d expect to see a lot of selections in a place named World of Beer, and you’d be right. (We eagerly await the opening of a Galaxy or Universe of Beer. One can hope.)

Fatpour Tap Works

2005 W. Division St., Chicago
50 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Allagash Red Howes
You can choose any one of 50 draft choices and have them in a Fatpour, a 22oz mug. Better yet, you can even sit at one of the table tops which allow you to pour your own beer.

The Beer Market

641 E. Boughton Rd., Suite 110, Bolingbrook
50 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Greenbush Retribution
This suburban outpost of The Beer Market offers up 5o drafts in their Bolingbrook location. This is one of several Beer Markets scattered throughout the burbs, all offering a great selection.

Jerry’s (Andersonville)

5419 N. Clark St., Chicago
50 Beers on tap
BN Pick: Jolly Pumpkin Luciernaga
Back to Chicago, Jerry’s in Andersonville is where you can get kick-ass sandwiches and one (or more) of 50 draft beers. It’s not far from Hopleaf, in case you want to make a whole day of it.


And there you have it: 12 bars, each with 50 or more taps. That’s a lot of beer!

So if you prefer your brews fresh out of the keg, and like a lot of variety, these are the places for you. But if you prefer it in the can (ahem), or bottle, stay tuned for our followup articles.


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