Starbucks Plans To Sell Alcohol In More Locations


If you’re like me, when you’re not drinking (or if you’re simply curing a hangover), you indulge in coffee. My coffee is usually from Starbucks, so imagine my excitement when I read the latest news from the homepage: Starbucks to Bring Alcohol Sales to Thousands of Stores.

Starbucks Sells Alcohol?!

For those of you not in the Starbucks-know, SB has been serving selections of beer and wine in their stores since 2010, and in the Chicago-area since 2012, but only at a handful of locations. The current initiative was part of its special Starbucks Evenings menu (available after 4pm), which also has a few yummy bar bites as well, such as flatbreads, bacon-wrapped dates, and truffle mac & cheese.

This new 2014 initiative will bring the Evenings Menu and its drinks to more locations—up from the estimated 40 stores nationwide that have it now—as well as to more urban areas around the country.

Will There Be Specials?

For legal reasons, SB will probably not offer specials for alcoholic drinks. In fact, right now, Gold Rewards Cards members cannot redeem an alcoholic beverage as an award. (We will be sure to let you know if, and when, these policies change.) However, this one will surprise you: beer and wine are NOT overpriced at Starbucks. Their fancy pricing is reserved for their specialty coffee.


Looking for a Starbucks location with the Evenings Menu? Click here.


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